About Us

MedCost Contain, the authority on medical claims and specialty bill review services for Texas Non-Subscribers, provides financial analysis, bill auditing, payment recommendations, and settlement negotiations for claims against ERISA-based occupational accident insurance plans. Our pricing discounts are founded on OIG's defined practice for determining fair and equitable payments based on federally accepted prevailing payer rates. Our recommendations are supported by historical claims data for services rendered by provider and geographic region. Our in-depth evaluation utilizes innovative technology to analyze the most comprehensive data sources in the industry, which consistently leads to a fair and equitable review resulting in significant savings.

Our experienced team of professionals has extensive knowledge of provider billing practices. Medical providers treating injured employees covered by alternative insurance programs are often entitled to payments less than the amount established by Texas Worker's Compensation Fee Schedules, and significantly less than the national average amount charged. We incorporate innovative technology and data-driven algorithms to evaluate multiple data resources resulting in fully defensible pricing discounts delivering substantial savings for our clients.

MedCost Contain is truly one of the best cost containment companies i have ever worked with. To date, there has only been a 1.7% adjustment rate of the original overall savings and most impressively they have less than an 8 hour turnaround time. Wow!!Sam Marconi - TPA

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